Graphene - The Ideal Triode Gate

Recent research by our team reported in the journal Advanced Functional Material.

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Cambridge Xray Systems

Welcome to Cambridge Xray Systems

Founded in 2014, Cambridge Xray Systems (CXS) is an industrial leader in the development of nanoengineered Xray sources. A spin-out company from the Department of Engineering, we are developing and manufacturing paradigm shifting Xray emitters tailored, through the use of novel one- and two-dimensional nanomaterials, to the ever increasing demands of continuous inspection systems for varied diagnostic applications.

Our Xray sources employ state-of-the art nanomaterials with integrated on-chip control to afford truly unprecedented functionality over the beam temporal and spatial characteristics for food security, border control, pharmaceutical inspection, electronics validation, and medical diagnostics and treatment.

CXS is steering the pragmatic integration of nanotechnologies for beyond-thermionic-source Xray technologies through the design, development and installation of high temporal response field emission nanoscale emitters, each some 1000 times smaller than a human hair. Our emitters integrate ballasting to ensure longer lasting emitters with the gold-standard in emission stability, perfectly suited to immediate integration into customers’ products which represent an optimised application specific solution.

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Our nanoemitters represent a tailored-technology suited to the your demanding inspection requirements across a wide range of applications. From food inspection equipment to micro-focus medical diagnostic scanning, CXS has the emitter for your need.

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Novel nano structured emitters prove efficient, controllable and time stable electron sources. The future of Xray technology has arrived.

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Latest research published in Nature Scientific Reports.