Graphene - The Ideal Triode Gate

Recent research by our team reported in the journal Advanced Functional Material.

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Nano Xray Sources

Emerging Cambridge University Engineering spin-out leads the field in novel Xray technologies

Based on the out skirts of Cambridge, Xray source developers, Cambridge Xray Systems (CXS), a spin-out from the University of Cambridge’s Department of Engineering, have secured funding from the Technology Strategy Board to develop a prototype nanocarbon Xray source. The spin-out aims to commercialise nanoengineered Xray sources. Its Xray sources are grown atom-by-atom employing emerging nanomaterials. Central to the technology is the ability to grow high aspect emitters that produced a temporally and spatially controlled beam capable of withstanding the aggressive emission conditions which result in premature emitter degradation when using conventional power-hungry thermionic technologies, partyicualrly for applications such as airport security scanners, food quality control and end-of-line product inspection.

The company’s board of Directors are Professor Bill Milne – director of the Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics in Cambridge University’s Department of Engineering, Mr Richard Parmee - a Cambridge Angel Investor and Director of Cheyney Design, Dr. Jonathan Cameron, and Dr Matt Cole – a research fellow in Cambridge University’s Department of Engineering. Professor Milne commented “we are extremely proud at the formal release of CXS’s first prototype nano Xray source. After more than a decades’ research on nanomaterial mediated field emission electron sources we are truly excited at the prospect of increasing the range of sources available, growing the company, licensing the technology, and finding further commercial partners.