Graphene - The Ideal Triode Gate

Recent research by our team reported in the journal Advanced Functional Material.

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Development and Research Services

Working in collaboration with Cheyney Design & Development, CXS delivers Xray sources, associated user interfaces for the ultimate in control, drive electronics and enclosures as well as full inspection systems. Our skills match your needs. For further details please contact us (add hyperlink to enquiries form).

CXSs advanced nanoengineered Xray sources incorporate full electronic means for optimal process control that will meet your inspection needs and maximise your efficacy. Rapid pulsing, integrated vacuum maintenance for lifetime enhancement, long intrinsic lifetime, and precise emission profiling give unprecedented control for your industry. Modernise and rejuvenate your systems with CXS.

CXSs Xray sources can cater for all customers. Please fill out our enquiries form for specific enquiries.